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Our powerful dashboard and reporting tool provides your organization with visibility and standardized information to understand what you spend, on what, with whom, by whom and for what purpose. It lets you create metrics based on hospital purchasing activity that show top spend by category and highlight areas to drill into for more detailed information. Or create your own classification to support improvement efforts, for example:

1. Finance identifies the top 10 areas of spend and top 10 areas of cost increases for further analysis

2. Cross-functional teams (clinical and materials management) drill down to determine if there are opportunities for cost reduction

3. Team evaluates how much of a particular product type is being purchased from which vendors

4. Clinicians make the final determination re: functional or clinical equivalence, based on description attributes and working knowledge of the products.

5. If appropriate, providers can consolidate purchasing of products to drive better tier level compliance and contract prices.

Our Run Book

We have developed beta versions of the following products:

Skumatics goDash is the data mining tool that---among other things---optimizes par levels and provides rapid access to all different prices being paid within the entire system for identical SKUs regardless of the source of the product. It also sorts products by UNSPSC to promote consolidation of utilization within a category. Your data is presented in our proprietary dashboard that includes savings opportunities through inventory reduction and spend management.

Skumatics eSynch is the data interface tool that connects the provider community to the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data pools for retrieving GS1 identifiers with their associated attributes. The APIs are (will be) customized for each MMIS (Lawson, etc.) and ensures a continuous, automated approach to data management.

Skumatics smartReq is the mobile application that allows organizations to extend the requisitioning process to all users that have access to smart phones. With the growth of smpart phones---and how it is increasingly used as a business tool---offsite locations will be able to order products using existing technology. Mobile requisitions provide secured access to inquiries, product information, and historical data.


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