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Skumatics, LLC develops and markets products and services for the Healthcare Supply Chain. Our focus is on developing simple and cost-effective solutions to improve business performance. We are committed to reducing your total medical-surgical product expense by using a a two-pronged approach to drive supply chain efficiency.

Step 1. Consulting Services

We develop and execute customer-specific account plans including---but not limited to---capturing savings through the audit of content and the improvement of the req-to-check process.

We employ process improvements with the capability to cause change in critical areas that include:

  • Cycle-time reduction
  • Elimination of non value-added steps
  • Reduced rework
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased cost
  • Reduced reject and scrap rates
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Step 2. Decision Support

Supply Chain Transparency: Skumatics goDash

We create solutions that allow end users to aggregate data from different sources and develop key performance metrics that can be reached through a uniifed web portal with a single click of the mouse.


Supply Chain Differentiation: Skumatics eSynch

We design and develop workflows and systems to continually maintain the accuracy of data by synchronizing it with data used by your vendors and group purchasing organizations.


Supply Chain Collaboration: Skumatics smartReq

We extend your MMIS to support the efficient consumer response concept (ECR) as applied in healthcare, where clinicians, buyers, and material managers have access to point-of-use systems.


Skumatics, LLC is a solution provider for GS1 Healthcare US and a member of UNSPSC.